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Empowering Connections: The Esteem Agency's Journey of Client Success, Growth, and Community Impact

Step into the vibrant world of The Esteem Agency, where passion meets purpose in the pursuit of building lasting connections.

The Inception Story:

For seventeen years, Natalie has been on a dynamic journey in the corporate world, mastering the intricacies of marketing, community investment, and executive coaching. In 2020, she planted the seeds of The Esteem Agency while juggling a full-time corporate role. It wasn't until 2022 that she decided to make the agency her full-time commitment, driven by a desire to redefine the narrative around customer relationships.

Target Clientele:

The Esteem Agency isn't just a consultancy; it's a beacon for Thought Leadership Facilitators, Directors of Fundraising, and Growth Revenue Managers. Producers, Marketers, and Community Investment professionals to find a partner in Natalie, committed to making a positive social impact.

Inspiration Behind the Establishment:

Natalie's revelation came from witnessing a common issue in organizations – a focus on acquisition at the expense of retention. The Esteem Agency emerged from a vision to encourage businesses to proactively deliver value and prioritize long-term relationships. It's a call to arms for organizations with a social impact, urging them to invest in satisfied customers for sustained success.

How Services Solve Client Issues:

Imagine a world where engagement is boosted, loyalty is a given, and recurring value is the norm. The Esteem Agency's Client Relationship Enhancement Solutions make this a reality by increasing retention, lowering churn, and ensuring long-term revenue growth.

Description of The Esteem Agency Services:

Discover a suite of services that includes personalized onboarding, retention strategies, customer success programs, feedback and evaluation systems, upselling and cross-selling initiatives, advocacy and loyalty programs, and performance reporting and analysis. These services are included in three categories: Client Relationship Enhancement Solutions, Performance Analytics & Strategy and Client Success Relationship Management.

Client Relationship Enhancement Solutions:

Elevate your partnerships with our comprehensive suite of services, including tailored onboarding strategies, retention plan development, customer success programs, feedback and evaluation systems, advocacy and loyalty initiatives, along with engaging training sessions and workshops. Experience a seamless and rewarding journey as we enhance and nurture your client relationships.

Performance Analytics & Strategy:

The magic lies in data-driven insights, offering not just analysis but a personalized touch. The agency provides strategic consultation and customization, adapting plans to optimize relationships, refine engagement strategies, and achieve specific business goals.

Client Success Relationship Management:

At the heart of The Esteem Agency is the commitment to crafting personalized plans, offering strategic advice, and implementing tailored relationship management plans. Choose from customizable features that can be handpicked or bundled into packages, giving clients the flexibility they crave.

What Sets The Esteem Agency Apart:

It's not just expertise; it's an unwavering commitment to tangible outcomes. Natalie's unique interpersonal skills and experience with C-suite roles set the agency apart, ensuring every client feels valued and truly understood.

Success Stories:

Settify - Edward Kirk, Former Head of Sales for UK & North America

"Natalie's professionalism and expertise in client success management were exceptional from day one. She quickly learned the ins and outs of our product and market, enabling her to build a strong rapport with our customer base. Natalie also took the initiative to dive into our marketing efforts. She played a pivotal role in maximizing the value of our investments at industry conferences and events and within our broader marketing strategies."

Natalie is not just a team player but also someone who constantly takes the initiative to go above and beyond. She is also a wonderful person to be in the company of. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any role requiring client success management expertise and a proactive, results-driven approach."

The Esteem Agency retained over 10 family law firms during Settify's recent Fair Billing Policy transition and since 2022 has increased product usage by 30%.

Strategy Institute - Tony Naldinho, Former Head of Marketing

"Natalie did a wonderful job building and growing Strategy Institute’s customer success department. Natalie can balance strategic thinking and operational excellence to ensure a project stays on track. She was wonderful to work with, professional, customer-centric and able to build trust and rapport with both internal and external stakeholders. I would strongly recommend her."

The Esteem Agency onboarded over 120 sponsors in 16 months, reduced the YOY churn rate (by 14% ) and increased renewal rates.

The Rotary Club Keynote:

In September 2023, The Esteem Agency took centre stage at The Rotary Club Brampton, where Natalie delivered a keynote speech. The focus? How a proactive client retention strategy can empower an organization to not only sustain but increase long-term revenue.

It was a moment of inspiration and shared wisdom, showcasing The Esteem Agency's commitment to transforming local businesses.

Impact of the Starter Company Plus Program:

As the sun sets on our exploration, we extend gratitude to the Starter Company Plus Program and the incredible business advisors and instructors, like Daniel Bishun and Andrew Patricio. The program's impactful curriculum, engaging classes, and invaluable networking experiences have contributed to The Esteem Agency's growth. A special thanks to the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre and government representatives for fostering an environment where small businesses can thrive!


The Esteem Agency isn't just a consultancy; it's a testament to the power of proactive client relationships. Natalie's journey is one of dedication, innovation, and community impact. Join us in celebrating a business that thrives on meaningful connections, proving that success is not just measured in revenue but in the lives it touches.

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How to Connect:

Ready to embark on a journey of empowered connections?

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